Harrogate First Section Results

Following an unbelievable amount of preperation and  rehearsal, our performance of Gilbert Vinter’s “Triumphant Rhapsody” on Sunday we thought was brilliant.

However, being placed 10th, the band cannot help feeling disappointed, if not robbed. The predictions by 4barsrest.com had the band as 2nd, and there were many positive comments by members of the audience about our playing.

Brass band contest results are, in the end, the opinion of the adjudicators, and it seems that the incredible power of Point of Ayr Band was disliked by Messers. Roe and Horsefield.

The only comment made by Mr. Roe before the announcement of results was that loud playing is a “disease coming into brass banding”, and that a fortissimo marking doesn’t mean the paint needs to be stripped off the walls.

However, Point of Ayr will continue to play as it always has, with it’s own bold and distinctive style, and we look forward to the championship section Welsh regionals in March 2010.


3 Responses to Harrogate First Section Results

  1. Keith Jones. says:

    Definatly top 6 material, but there you have it, they were looking for the band most suited to survive the championship section, my experience of the top section tells me that if you are ever drawn between the likes of Dyke and Fairies ( which Point of Ayr have experienced in the Open,or coming 2nd to Grimethorpe in the coalboard etc.) you need a sound to match them! Otherwise you sound like a junior band. Point of Ayr’s sound was maybe its downfall on Sunday, compared to everybody else we must have stuck out like a sore thumb! I’m confident that we have the power to tackle the fortissimos etc required for English Heritage, you cant play that piece with “bandstand in the park” dynamics. Bring it on!

    • pointofayr says:

      I really love what you mean by “most suited to the championship section”. That just about summs up the irony of the results from sunday.

  2. Neil Fielding says:

    Just a short note to let you know that I thought you were hard done by in Harrogate. Its a pity that those two adjudicators were together and not split between messrs Farr and Childs. I think the results would then have been far more reflective of the actual performances.
    Best regards to John Hinckley – I played for him at Walkden a number of moons ago………

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